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Scope & Products:

  • 8m High Mullions manufactured from VISS IXtra Steel Curtain Wall System
  • Faceted transoms VISS Steel Transoms to create Faceted Rotunda
  • Faceted Schuco Aluminium Cover Caps


  • Each mullion weighed in excess of 350kg so required mechanical lifting throughout the whole of production.
  • Movement and manoeuvrability of the mullion sections was difficult throughout the production and painting process as the material was 8000mm long, 350mm depth with a 10mm material wall thickness.
  • Each Steel Curtain Wall Transom was precision machined to achieve the required facet for the glazed rotunda.


Propak were thrilled to manufacture and install one of the most advanced factories in the world with glass that matches its position, the most advanced!

The Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) is a glass-walled, completely “reconfigurable factory” at the heart of research for the University of Sheffield. The main façade features 8 metre high glazing, from ground to roof, and wraps an impressive 306 degrees around the building.

The external glazed rotunda was manufactured by Propak from 8000mm high Jansen VISS Ixtra steel curtain wall mullions – it was chosen for its structural strength and ability to span over 8m high, unsupported. The Ixtra mullions weighed in excess of 350kg, which meant that mechanical lifting was required through the whole production process and making them very difficult to manoeuvre for the precision machining required – it also couldn’t be windy!

The intermediate transoms were manufactured from Steel VISS profiles which were cut at a faceted angle to achieve the stunning circular shape. All pressure plates and cover caps were also faceted to match the transoms and manufactured from the Schuco aluminium profiles – creating a truly seamless look.

The building was designed by Bond Bryan Architects in a circular design to create a light and spacious interior and maximise the amount of usable floor space.
The AMRC is a network of world-leading research and innovation centres working with advanced manufacturing companies around the globe including the likes of Boeing, Rolls-Royce, McLaren Automotive, BAE Systems and Airbus plus many other local and smaller companies.

We always love working on challenging projects – it pushes everyone to think creatively and outside of the box. We were involved in this project from start to finish and we not only had to meet the projects strict requirements for what it was going to be used for, but also design something that would invite leading industries to use it.

‘One of the most advanced factories in the world with glass that matches its position, the most advanced!’


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