Patel Taylor Architects

Essex University

Kier Eastern

Scope & Products:

  • 60:60 Butt Jointed Curtain Wall with concealed frame system
  • Internal Fire Rated Screen and Doors


  • 400kg glass.
  • Glazing by a spider crane.
  • Large 3m x 2.5 high fire rated glass


Kier Construction built a new student centre which formed a new front for the Essex University library. The building provides an integrated learning centre, library, special collections, reading room, student media centre, one-stop-shop for students’ facility and a board room for the University Council.

Working closely within the context of the existing Albert Sloman Library, the 1960’s campus has been developed to reflect a modernised contemporary form of the 1960’s influenced architecture.

Large span 3m high fire rated butt jointed glazing was used to form the main fire compartmentation between the library, the main entrance atrium space and feature curved stairwell.

The butt jointed glass provided a seamless view over the atrium, allowing light to flood in to what otherwise would have been a dark enclosed space. All the doors were manufactured from steel in Jansen’s Economy 50 range, fully glazed and fire rated.
The light creates the ideal learning space and we are sure it will help inspire generations to come!